Villa Vieja, Estelí, a town in northwestern Nicaragua, family stories are used to exalt the values of “work and passion” that have given Nicaraguan tobacco its success and reputation. 

Since June 13, 1685, 337 years ago, Villa Vieja is currently planting and harvesting the best tobacco leaf in the world on its fertile lands to make Villa Vieja brand cigars. these well selected and fermented leaves are counted giving way to an exquisite cigar with a smoke by tobacco enthusiasts.

With more than fifty small and large factories, Estelí gave Nicaragua the title of first cigar exporting country in 2018. This achievement in barely half a century is due in large part to the dogged and tenacious work of a few founding fathers, whose sons and daughters now run their companies. 

After then brand registration and concessions, we began to look for a suitable manufacturer to produce the new blend. On November 26, 2019, the first blend tests were carried out with different tobaccos selected from the best suppliers in Estelí, this process had to be interrupted due to the arrival of COVID-19 and we were able to resume the tests in mid-2021.

Vieja was created by Fernando Navarro in honor of the origin of Estelí, Nicaragua. After long period of time of blending, finally Villa Vieja was launched from the factory Aganorsa. It comes with a uncommon amount of tobacco from Estelí. The great fermentation of this tobacco selected from the very best bales of Aganorsa gives a very special medium to full body taste a great aromas.

After many tests in that time we reached an agreement with Aganorsa for the production of Villa Vieja, here began a new process to adapt our blend with Aganorsa Leafs. Several people participated in the development of the League, among them Don Eduardo Fernández, his son Max, Jacinto Iglesias and Harold Zeledón. This entire process was completed after 3 years of development and tests that were greatly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the first production was made in April 2022. Finally, in mid 2022, we were able to launch Villa Vieja on the market in its 3 formats and with the current presentation.

In Nicaragua, these family sagas are part of the companies marketing arsenal. Factories that do not highlight a founding father or grandfather are rare. Family solidarity values extend to factory employees. “We take care of our people,” the responsibles of the factories often say.

Tobacco plantations are Estelí’s main export item, this is the consequence of the lovers of good tobacco of the present and shapers of the future.